A World of Magic

Welcome to Yirth, a land of magic plagued by the dreaded banestorms. In the old days, only the Elder races of Dwarves, Elves and Orcs existed upon the land. While the dwarves retreated to their cities underground, the elves and orcs battled constantly. Then, one day, intent on eradicating all the orcs from the face of Yirth, the elves worked a powerful ritual spell that would obliterate the foul creatures. Instead, it backfired and created the banestorms.


The banestorms are powerful magical storms that tear the fabric of space. Soon, races from other planets were brough to Yirth, including humans from medieval Earth; goblins and kobolds from Gabrook, the world of sands; halflings, centaurs and giants from Loren’dil, the green world and sharkmen and mermen from Olokun, the world of water. Now, humans struggle with dwarves, elves and each other – the Crusades aren’t ancient history, they’re current events. And in this world, magic works.

Yirth is now a curious mixture of cultures and races, a blend of human and non-human races, from the inhospitable Orc Lands to the west – where only orcs dwell – to the Noman Lands – where fierce nordic warriors seek a valiant death to earn a seat in Valhalla – to Megalos, the ancient empire where sorcery and political intrigue go hand in hand. To the south, the Muslim lands of al-Wazif and al-Haz stand proud against the Templar and Hospitaller crusades.


This is a fantasy campaign using the GURPS system, published by Steve Jackson Games set in the world of Yirth.

Blood of Heroes


Our current campaign focus on Caithness, a land not unlike medieval Britain, a feudal realm ruled by King Conall IV. It is a land beset by rebellion fostered by malcontent nobles against a monarch they view as too young to rule.

It is the year of Our Lord 2005 . North of the Smoke River, the nobles fight an endless civil war. South of the river, the isolated baronies have managed to maintain a fragile neutrality so far. Caldony is one of the neutral baronies.

Ruled by benevolent Baron Osfric, it is a small kingdom unto itself, trying to maintain an uneasy truce with both sides of the civil war. This campaign chronicles the saga of Caldony and the trials and tribulations of the characters therein. What does the future hold for Caldony? Will it be able to keep the peace or be engulfed in the fires of war?

Gurps: Banestorm

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